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Club Paddle Sunday 1st

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Reply to this messageREPLYchucky - 28 November 2013 15:20:52

Hello Everyone,

This sunday club paddle will meet at the club 8:30. 

not much rain forcast so river decision will be made that morning. 

hope to see you there sunday morning :) 

Please post if your interested in coming along. 


Reply to this messageREPLYAli - 28 November 2013 22:41:49

Bill and I will be there :o)

Reply to this messageREPLYZaf - 29 November 2013 11:18:15

What about me. I am hearing a rumer Clwedog may release.  But won't know until late Friday

Reply to this messageREPLYZaf - 29 November 2013 18:13:04

Sorry guys no Clewdog

Reply to this messageREPLYRob - 30 November 2013 19:07:56

I will be coming along too.

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