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Message Board ClosedKeith08 February 20160View Message
Club KitKeith04 December 20150View Message
Blog changes and updatesKeith01 December 20150View Message
Committee MeetingKeith26 November 20150View Message
Blog update part 2JamieB17 November 20150View Message
Blog UpdateJamie B10 November 20150View Message
LoginChairman10 November 20150View Message
Pool session 6th NoZ05 November 20150View Message
Tut-tut, it looks like rain :)zaf27 October 20150View Message
Lakes weekend 14/15th Novchucky11 October 20150View Message
AGM - 18th Nov 2015Chairman11 October 20151View Message
REMINDER POOL SESSIONZaf21 September 20150View Message
WWSR day 13 Septchucky14 September 20150View Message
Early reminder. SUN 20 PADDLEZ11 September 20150View Message
Sunday 13th PaddleTrevor C08 September 20153View Message
Pool Sessions arrangedZaf07 September 20150View Message
White Water and Safety Rescue courseZaf24 August 20152View Message
Friday 28th Aug Night Paddle Arley to BewdleyZaf22 August 20150View Message
Video UpdateZaf17 August 20151View Message
Blog UpdateZaf12 August 20150View Message
Chernobyl ChildrenZ10 August 20152View Message
Sunday 23rd paddle - Improvers WhitewaterKeith09 August 20150View Message
Sun 16th PaddleZaf06 August 20154View Message
Plan for Open DayZaf01 August 20153View Message
Sunday PaddleBill01 August 20150View Message
Events calendar updateZaf31 July 20150View Message
CanoeingZaf31 July 20150View Message
MeetingThe Chairman28 July 20150View Message
Update CalenderZaf28 July 20150View Message
Fri sessionZ22 July 20152View Message
Open DayZ21 July 20150View Message
Events Coming upZaf20 July 20150View Message
Knightwick 17th TonightZ17 July 20150View Message
Washburn 2nd AugZ15 July 20152View Message
Blog Update - Open DayZ15 July 20150View Message
Open Day 9th AugZ10 July 20150View Message
Committee meetingZ07 July 20150View Message
Alps VideoZ01 July 20153View Message
Open day Sun 26th JulyZaf01 July 20150View Message
Sunday Paddle 28th JuneDave B27 June 20151View Message
Lee Valley trip - 14th JuneJason and Jordan13 June 20151View Message
River session Cover Next 3 WksZ13 June 20150View Message
****BBQ ****this FridayZ09 June 20155View Message
Message from The ChairmanThe Chairman08 June 20150View Message
Help to loacate Missing boatZaf30 May 20150View Message
Blog Update & VideosZ28 May 20150View Message
Saunton Sands 5 - 7th JuneNorman27 May 20152View Message
Bank hol paddlingZaf19 May 20150View Message
Sunday paddleZ06 May 20150View Message
Evening paddleZ06 May 20150View Message
RIVER session Friday 1st MayZ26 April 20154View Message
PlayingZ25 April 20150View Message
Mamba 8.1 for saleZaf23 April 20151View Message
Pool Sessions 17 + 24th AprilChucky14 April 20151View Message
Sun padZaf11 April 20151View Message
Blog Update & VideosAli31 March 20150View Message
Blog updatesChucky18 March 20150View Message
Pool Session 20th marchChucky17 March 20151View Message
Pool SessionsZ10 March 20151View Message
Membership Subs DueZaf09 March 20150View Message
TrainingZ03 March 20151View Message
sunday 22ndchucky20 February 20150View Message
New You Tube ChannelZ15 February 20151View Message
Sunday PaddleZ14 February 20150View Message
Pool session 6th FebZaf02 February 20151View Message
4 star training updatechucky30 January 20153View Message
Membership and other thingsTHE CHAIRMAN24 January 20152View Message
Pool SessionsZ19 January 20154View Message
Committee Meeting NotesZ16 January 20150View Message
Details on Severn and Teme Catchment workshopsDave B13 January 20151View Message
Paddle Sunday 11thchucky07 January 20152View Message
Curry & comedy NightZ05 January 20151View Message
meeting Tue 6 at 7.30Z04 January 20151View Message
Sun Paddle#1Zaf02 January 20150View Message
Meeting 5th JanThe Chairman01 January 20150View Message
Bewdley Duck RaceTrevor C30 December 20141View Message
xmas paddlingchucky23 December 20140View Message
Next 4 weeksZ14 December 20143View Message
Extreme KayakingZ12 December 20141View Message
4 star training updatechucky12 December 20140View Message
River reportAli09 December 20141View Message
Duck raceZaf03 December 20140View Message
Paddle Sunday 6thchucky02 December 20140View Message
Sunday 30thKeith29 November 20140View Message
AGM notesThe Chairman23 November 20142View Message
4 Star Trainingchucky21 November 20142View Message
AGMZaf20 November 20140View Message
AGM Wed 19th Nov 7pmThe Chairman30 October 20145View Message
Sun 26 paddleZaf20 October 20143View Message
Caption compDave B16 October 20143View Message
Sunday paddleZaf16 October 20140View Message
Lakes weekendChucky13 October 20141View Message
Paddle Sunday 12thchucky08 October 20142View Message
Darts Trip arrangementsZ26 September 20145View Message
Sunday paddleZaf26 September 20140View Message
Pool sessions OctZ Chairman ;)20 September 20145View Message
Skittles Sat 25th OctNorman19 September 20140View Message
Darts 4 & 5 OctZaf16 September 20140View Message
Kit for pool sessionsZaf01 September 20142View Message
Symonds Yat WeekendTrevor C28 August 20143View Message
Pool SessionsThe Chairman ;)27 August 20142View Message
River Sessions & BBQTHE CHAIRMAN :)27 August 20141View Message
Belarus kids tonightZaf26 August 20140View Message
The TZ20 August 20140View Message
Is there a river session this friday?Dave B19 August 20141View Message
Lee Valley reportZaf18 August 20140View Message
Friday 15th River sessionNorman12 August 20141View Message
Easier Paddle 17th AugustDave B11 August 20142View Message
Help wanted 26th AugNorman04 August 20147View Message
Lee Valley Aug 17thchucky29 July 20142View Message
Symonds Yat weekendThe Chairman27 July 20142View Message
Sun 27thZaf24 July 20144View Message
River sessionsZaf22 July 20140View Message
Friday 11th river sessionZaf11 July 20140View Message
Sunday 20thZaf05 July 20144View Message
Darts TripZaf05 July 20149View Message
Sun 6th JulyZaf03 July 20145View Message
River Session Friday 6th JulyAntony and Jonathan02 July 20141View Message
The Alps TripZaf29 June 20145View Message
river sessionDave B23 June 20140View Message
Friday paddleZaf10 June 20140View Message
sunday 8thchucky06 June 20141View Message
wednesday afternoon paddle. 4th junchucky02 June 20141View Message
Sun paddleZaf31 May 20143View Message
Saunton sandsNorman & Sue26 May 201411View Message
Friday River Session?Dave B21 May 20142View Message
SUN & MonZaf20 May 20144View Message
Friday river sessionBill16 May 20144View Message
Sunday PaddleZaf13 May 20141View Message
Washburn 18th May anyone?Rob12 May 20141View Message
Mid week bike rides?Rob11 May 20143View Message
Summer Lakes WeekendRob07 May 20142View Message
River sessionsZaf24 April 20141View Message
ThanksZaf21 April 20140View Message
TrainingZaf11 April 20141View Message
Duck raceZaf08 April 20145View Message
River reportZaf29 March 20140View Message
Gental Paddle on a Summers Day :)Zaf29 March 20140View Message
Sun 23 Re-visited.Duncan21 March 20142View Message
WW TrainingZaf19 March 20141View Message
Training-For Young KayakersZaf19 March 20144View Message
Lakes ReportZaf18 March 20140View Message
Afon Seiont PhotosTrevor C11 March 20140View Message
Afon Seiont The VideoTrevor C10 March 20140View Message
Sun 23rdZaf10 March 20140View Message
Sunday 9 MarchZaf08 March 20147View Message
Sunday 2nd?Rob27 February 20148View Message
Comedy Night outZaf23 February 20142View Message
Tryweryn Club Accesschucky20 February 20142View Message
River reportAli17 February 20141View Message
Pool sessionsNorman15 February 20149View Message
Lakes WeekendRob13 February 20145View Message
SundayZaf13 February 20145View Message
TrainingZaf11 February 20140View Message
Tryweryn Club Accesschucky07 February 20144View Message
Dulas Sundaychucky03 February 20141View Message
River reportZaf03 February 20142View Message
Lakes WeekendRob31 January 20145View Message
Sunday paddle?Jason and Jordan31 January 20148View Message
VideoZaf26 January 20142View Message
SundayZaf22 January 20141View Message
Pool SessionsZaf21 January 20148View Message
Club PaddleBill19 January 20148View Message
MinutesSecretary15 January 20140View Message
MembershipJ15 January 20140View Message
BlogZaf14 January 20143View Message
SunZaf14 January 20146View Message
Freestyle / playboatingZaf06 January 20149View Message
Provocative questionZaf06 January 20147View Message
Pool sessions 17th 24th JanNorman03 January 201415View Message
Night OutZaf02 January 20142View Message
Drinks and Toasts to our Friends!Gemma01 January 20142View Message
Duck Race CancelledNorman31 December 20130View Message
Duck race 1st JanNorman23 December 20135View Message
Sunday CrackerBill22 December 20131View Message
dan/zafDave Bennett19 December 20131View Message
River dart reportDoug12 December 20133View Message
PaddleZaf12 December 20133View Message
RollingZaf09 December 20130View Message
Dart Trip 2013Steve D02 December 201310View Message
River reportZaf01 December 20136View Message
For SaleGoose30 November 20131View Message
GoalsJason30 November 20131View Message
Calendar 2014DAN G29 November 20134View Message
Meeting notesZaf28 November 20132View Message
Club Paddle Sunday 1stchucky28 November 20134View Message
What do u want to paddleZaf25 November 20136View Message
Sunday river reportZaf25 November 20131View Message
Paddle Sunday!!Steve D20 November 201312View Message
Up dateZaf20 November 20131View Message
PasswordZaf18 November 20134View Message
Nepal Sun Kosi, Oct 2014?Rob17 November 20132View Message
Feeling BadThe Chairman :)17 November 20132View Message
Paddle Sunday 17th NovJason and Jordan15 November 20135View Message
Dart Transportchucky12 November 20135View Message
Committee meeting postponedBill11 November 20131View Message
River reportZaf10 November 20130View Message
Pool Session 22nd NovNorman08 November 20139View Message
Pool Session 15th NovNorman08 November 20135View Message
Test messageBill07 November 20132View Message
SundayZaf06 November 20134View Message
AGM 7th NovNorman04 November 20130View Message
Dulas on SaturdaySandie01 November 20134View Message
Doing a paddle on SundayDave B31 October 20133View Message
Long and Short term Goalschucky29 October 20138View Message
What Boat to getZaf28 October 20132View Message
Dart Trip 2013Steve D25 October 201312View Message
Pool sessions 11th 18th OctNorman07 October 20137View Message
Paddle SundayNorman04 October 20139View Message
Paddle SundayNorman04 October 20130View Message
A.G.M 7th NovemberNorman01 October 20134View Message

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