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Sunday river report

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River Report from the Sunday Kayaker


Meeting at the club house for 8:30. On a fine, crisp morning. Keen paddlers, Dan the Man, Dug, Steve, Collin, Norm, Jamus, Jason myself headed to Dobies and on words to the Dee.

The river looked high, (gauge outside the shop read 0.6~EA Gauge at Corwen 0.65).

Getting in at the weir found Monkia was not going to do what she promised. Discussions with Jamus & Steve and the rest of the gang suggested a number of changes need to be made on the trim and the hip pads. In pain, and leading from the back;) decided to forgo the pleasure of the serpents tail. The two J’s come down making it look easy. Standing on the big re-circulating  eddy I wished, I had paddled it. Normski styled it all the way down. Followed by Dan the Man. He dropped in to a miro eddy - Nice move I shouted. It was a pleasure to see him do this. You had to be there.

We all got in back in to our below serpents tail. Not before Norman eat all of Dan’s Jelly babies. Insisting there were only a few left in the packet. (L, I only got one). Played at various waves. With encouraging remarks from J, N J..

Got to the drop river Left above the stopper. Well. Being Hot from the paddle, decided to roll to cool down. “that F....felt nice” I said. Jamus suggested we all try out the stopper. Not wanting to show off. Seeing my reluctance Jamus decided to go in first. Making a hash of it. I decided to show him how it’s really done. Still in pain, entered the stopper with the easy and grace of a rhinoceros J came out the other side and decided to do a victory roll.


Super day out... CU on the Water NEXT Sunday

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