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Nepal Sun Kosi, Oct 2014?

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Reply to this messageREPLYRob - 17 November 2013 19:38:46

Many of you know I'm planning a trip to Nepal next autumn and this will include a paddle on the Sun Kosi - it's a 10 day expedition running from one side of the country right across to the other. Kayaking, with raft support, camping beside the river as we go. I've sort of given up on the idea of trying to arrange this as a private trip, but Daz Clarkson has one of his open trips starting on 25th October that fits beautifully in with my other plans. The in country trip costs just under a grand plus a few other expenses. Flights out to Nepal are currently running at £550 upwards depending on the airline  - not all will take kayaks, but there are a few available out in Nepal. If you work on the two week trip costing in at £2k, you should be about right.

Anyone interetsted in joining?

More info on the Pure Land website:


Reply to this messageREPLYBill - 19 November 2013 08:02:35

Soooo tempting ...

Reply to this messageREPLYchucky - 19 November 2013 08:57:47

If only i had 2 grand to spare :( have an epic time buddy 

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