Quick report on the Upper Wye 10/11/2013

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River report

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Reply to this messageREPLYZaf - 10 November 2013 19:13:54

Quick report on the Upper Wye 10/11/2013

Steve D, Jason, Jordon, Tom H & Myself.

EA Gauge at Ddol Farm the River dropped a little at the Start 0.85 at the end 0.80

It was another wonderfully sunny day out. No major spills to report.

The letter box was too low to run through the letter box. Tom H and Jason ran it extreme river left and made it look easy.

Jason the

Jordon did a super roll in anger at the end of one of the drops. The roll was total technique and determination. In an aerated water with little support

Came off the water at the camp site. The Ton Falls is still blocked with trees.

Over all a super day out not too stretching. Would be perfect at 1.00 on the EA guage



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