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Reply to this messageREPLYKeith - 01 December 2015 22:40:41

Club Update - Some changes have been made to the blog, you will see it has been greatly simplified, if there is anything gone that you would like back please let me know, nothing has been deleted it's just not visible.

New additions include 'Club Documents' this currently consists of the club constitution which is due for a revision, we will address this at a future Committee Meeting. We will also be adding other documents as they are revised and developed. Meeting minutes ...- these are now in the form of clickable links which should open the relevant document in your browser, please let me know if there are any issues. The Blog now shows a brief description with a ling to 'read more' this means we can fit more blogs on the front page without masses of writing visible. It is a work inn progress so more changes will happen on a regular basis.

On reading the latest minutes you will also see that we are proposing to REDUCE the membership fees for next year! This is still to be finalised and will be communicated in plenty of time for Membership being due in APRIL 2016.

Hope you are happy with the changes so far, all feedback welcome - HAPPY PADDLING.

Keith - Club Chairman

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