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Reply to this messageREPLYZ - 03 March 2015 06:59:25

As the year is unfolding. Some thoughts of future training. to be disused at our next committee meet smile emoticon after the pool session on 13/3/2015

1 day ww safety and rescue 
2 day ww safety and rescue
first aid
coaching skills courses. level 1 or 2 etc
We already have individuals who have done these. 
smile emoticon dependent on interest we can plan the courses out accordingly

Reply to this messageREPLYchucky - 03 March 2015 08:51:01

Just to put it out there. 


i think the white water safety and rescue training is a must for anyone who wants to paddle. 

They are great courses, fun and entertaining but also it gives you the much needed practise on skills like throw lining and resuce techniques. 

Final thing it helps with the 'A' in CLAP (avoidance) 

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