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Next 4 weeks

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Reply to this messageREPLYZ - 14 December 2014 16:19:18

Ok ladies and gentlemen
Here we have a plan for the next 4 weeks  
all these are subject to usually conditions. That is Water levels and the group mix. 
Sunday 21st – easy, eg Symonds Yat or The Dee, or something similar
Sunday 28th – Slightly more. eg Lower Dart, Seiont 
Thursday 1st Jan 2015 - easy, Arley to Bewdley. Duck race
Sunday 4th – Whatever is available? MAY be a river we have not done before. Eg Lwyd or Ogmore
Happy to amend all of the above if any of the newbie’s want to come along. eg The River Dee after Town falls to Trevor rapids is a sweet bit of water with lots of play waves or the River Banwy which has big & bouncy waves. etc. 
I personally would not mind doing an open Boat run in one of these outings just to make things interesting. if pos  
Come and have some fun. 
Talk to me.If u need anything eg equipment etc.

Reply to this messageREPLYchucky - 15 December 2014 10:15:08

i will be out and about over the xmas period. so just let me know if your out people :) 

Reply to this messageREPLYDave B - 15 December 2014 22:05:19

Hi will be around on 21st and 1st. Not sure about 4th.

Not sure about the levels at the moment, its a case of seeing what is the best option. Am away and out of contact on saturday, so can we arrange to meet at the clubhouse on sun 21st to decide the options.

Reply to this messageREPLYZaf - 18 December 2014 06:28:47

Meet at the club house for 8am. 

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