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4 Star Training

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Reply to this messageREPLYchucky - 21 November 2014 10:56:13

Hi guys


i have spoken to Dennins about running 4 star training for the club as dicussed at the AGM.

the following dates are avalible. 

21-22nd feb, 28th feb /1st march, or the 7-8th march. 

If you could confirm if you would like to attend and which date you can do. 

At the point we get 6 people signed up on the one date i will book the course. answers before midday monday.

Price will be in the region of £65 each for the course fee. 

extra costs will included any accomidation / transport /food ect.



Reply to this messageREPLYchucky - 21 November 2014 11:01:39

I can do any weekend.


Reply to this messageREPLYZaf - 25 November 2014 15:03:33

We have Chucky. Keith. Colin. Ali. Trev. Me. Norm. Duncan. Simon B Dougie and Jason W. One place available.  

Two courses - Weekend of 28th Feb & weekend of the 7th March for 4 star training.  


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