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Darts Trip

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Reply to this messageREPLYZaf - 05 July 2014 12:53:34

The Dart trip is set for weekend 2-3 October. Cost is around 50 to 55. Post up to register your interest. More information to follow.

Reply to this messageREPLYZaf - 05 July 2014 14:20:02

Corrections dates r travel down Friday 3rd night paddle Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th October.  

Reply to this messageREPLYZaf - 06 July 2014 19:09:12

Ok Ladies and Gentleman. Just Checked the River Access agreement on the Dart

" ...access to the river from Newbridge from 1st October (The Loop) and from Dartmeet from 15th October (The Upper).


If we book the accommodation for  weekend  3-4 Oct.  we can only paddle the Loop. The next available date is 6-7 Dec . SO URGENTLY need to know your interest in the trip. At least by Sunday 13th July.  

Reply to this messageREPLYchucky - 07 July 2014 08:55:15

got to say if the water is there i would be looking at doing the upper. 

as for the access agreement we all know its advisable 


Reply to this messageREPLYZaf - 08 July 2014 20:01:06

If you fancy a weekend away at the Dart. Feel free to give me a call. Or talk to Normski

So far we have=15



2=Norman, Sue,

2=Dougie, Adam

1=Denial Gale

1=Duncan P

1= Trevor C




2=Mike Bloomer & Adrian



1=Colin Goose

1=David Yates



2=Tom, Tom


Awaiting confirmation=8


2=The Jeffries


1=Brian W

1= Dave B

1=Andy Gough


Confirmed  No=2




Reply to this messageREPLYZaf - 10 July 2014 06:34:31


17 confirmed

Reply to this messageREPLYZaf - 10 July 2014 09:49:50

1=Steve D

18 confirmed :)

Reply to this messageREPLYZaf - 10 July 2014 20:29:48

1=Dave B

Confirmed 19

Reply to this messageREPLYZaf - 11 July 2014 06:25:15

Awaiting decisions from Gemma. BillAli. Brian W. Andy G. Sandie W.

For the Darts trip 3-4 Oct. we will be staying at the Dartmoor training Center. booked for Friday & Saturday night. The centre can accomadate more. So if u r interested ask. Me or Normski for more details. 

Reply to this messageREPLYZaf - 06 August 2014 14:17:42

Brian w 

20 confirmed

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