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Reply to this messageREPLYZaf - 01 December 2013 22:18:43

River Report from the Sunday Kayaker 01/12/2013


The Bed called out....Don’t go..Have a lye in.. YOU need the rest, paddle next week. Over riding the urge to stay in bed,  our hero got changed and headed to the club house. There he met kayakers from WFCC’s hard core division. With no water anywhere, options limited to Knightwick at a perfect 0.7 or the Dee at Low 0.3. The group split, 50:50. talks of, it’s not worth it were heard and ignored. Knowing whichever the choice, the club was going paddling. Ok the Dee it is then. We all nodded with sad slow smile-the Dee at 0.3... ok. The drive down was light and enjoyable, with usual, bait the chairman games:(

Parked at the Shop and decided to do the town falls first then go up the canal to the top weir and paddle down serpent’s tail.

The run down to Town falls was a scrape. Going into the falls, running river left. BOOM... time slowed down. For the first time, actually saw features coming up, boofed off the final big rock. BOOM, back in real time, a gallon of adrenaline hit, and you are safe, looked back and laughed. All down safely, through that, that, a grade 4 rapid. Yes J.  Just enough time to admire the view followed by a group photograph. NICE. Well done all.

Carrying the boats back up to the canal, paddled, exhausted, up to the Chain Bridge pub, back on the river above the weir.

Playing on the small eddies. Got spun on the chain bride rapids, and out safely. What happened, never mind keep going.

OK next Serpent’s tail, are we inspecting or running it, let’s just run it. Yes, just run it.

At the top of the rapid picked the line, left of the rooster. Approached it with speed, saw the paddler ahead go over, started back paddling, slow down, herd shouts of, go, go. Don’t stop. OK, go, focus, on the line, bounce, bounce, aha, Dan’s micro eddy. Found it, nice. Hum why am I being pushed out. Paddle, paddle, keep the nose up stream, edge, nice, into re-circulating eddy river right. Pause, out of the eddy, paddle up stream. Turn, head to the tail. Bang there is an exposed rock, river left. Bounce, off, towards the cut out. Bang, bang, bang, ouch, knuckle scrape, where the hell did that rock come from. Never mind you are safe. Smile..

Ok, you want to run it again. Na man, I am shagged.. OK, be the Safety, Wait, wait. Ok first paddler down, 2nd paddler down third paddler down. Noooo, roll, first attempt, three paddlers covering, ok tee rescue, no. OK roll, Yes roll, roll up...A loud Cheer, and emotions of Joy, sweet, sweet pleasure of seeing someone fight and win. Pure pleasure of seeing the paddlers win. You had to be there, feeling of pride. NICE J

So what started out as ooo... no the Dee at 0.3 ended with YES, the Dee. We all got something out of the paddle. For me it was the Joy of paddling with mates...It does not get any better than that. Thanks, Rob, Chucky, Bill & Ali..You made it worthwhile getting out of bed today.  A super paddle-Thanks guys.   



Reply to this messageREPLYBill - 02 December 2013 08:28:35

Photos are here folks ...!/groups/659766910732970/

Reply to this messageREPLYAli - 02 December 2013 10:35:42

Great report Zaf... I clearly felt your love on that second roll attempt! :o)

Reply to this messageREPLYAli - 02 December 2013 13:43:35

P.S....  the new FB page is a closed group - please ask to join to see posts and add your own. Website link will be updated in due course.

Reply to this messageREPLYchucky - 02 December 2013 19:06:23

Hi Zaf

great report but i think you left out the big chunky guy live baitng on the tail .. .. ..

and the rather fisty first hole

and the beer afterwards.

great time had by all. 



Reply to this messageREPLYZaf - 02 December 2013 20:13:11

:) you have... I did not mention..who swam..what happens on the water stays on the water...Some times :)...I am still buzzing from the Town Falls. Now done x3 (TICK). must use the Right hand line next time? but would need you to be at the bottom as Safety Just incase :)

Reply to this messageREPLYAli - 02 December 2013 20:43:49

Social media addiction is a terrible thing.... already 'fessed up about the swim Zaf, and, erm, the fact that my dry suit zip wasn't quite closed... well someone had to give the chunky live baiter a job to do :) But hey, thanks anyway!! ;o)

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