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Club FAQ - Wyre Forest Canoe Club

Below are listed the most Frequently Asked Questions we have been asked. If you have a question that is not answered below, please feel free to use our contact form.

What does the club do?

Wyre Forest Canoe Club is a non-competitive, recreational club. Our main activities are canoeing, kayaking, and fun. We normally paddle on white water, still water and surf.

Does the Canoe Club coach members?

Yes. If you come along to the club and have never paddled before, we will initially coach you such that you are aware of how to hold the paddle, how to sit in the kayak and how to move the boat. As time progresses, we will teach you more of the strokes required to improve your paddling abilities. We use the BCU personal performance star awards as a basis so that when you are ready , you will be able to be assessed against these awards.

Can anyone join?

Yes. Anyone can join - the current age range is from 6 to 70 years old. In special circumstances, some special restrictions may be suggested on safety grounds. It is preferable that you can swim, but not essential.

When do you take new members?

New members can come along to any Friday evening pool or river session. Just turn up on the evening at the times stated on the events page of this website and speak to us. Let us know that you are new to the club and /or paddling and we will guide you through the process.

I would like to try the sport but I am not sure how I would react if I went over.

A natural reaction and a common concern. Before your first river session in a kayak, a coach would explain what you have to do in this situation. They would then stay close to you to ensure that you were alright during the session and at the end just before you got off the water, you would do a capsize to experience the situation. By expert coaching we should hopefully allay you concerns.

What equipment do you need to canoe?

For the pool sessions, all that is required is your swimming costume. Some paddlers also wear a 'T' shirt.
On river sessions and summer river trips, numerous layers of old clothes (no jean or shell type suits), old trainers and a caguole.
For winter river trips, the club recommends the wearing of a wetsuit due to cold conditions.
A new wetsuit would cost about 50 although second-hand equipment may be available.

What equipment is available from the club?

The club has wide variety of kayaks and canoes which can be hired for use on club events. Also available are spray decks, buoyancy aids, helmets and paddles.

What experience do I need?

None, as coaches are available to teach you the skills of canoeing and kayaking.

Is the club associated with the British Canoe Union?

Yes, the club does have affiliation and all training is done to their guidelines. All coaches at the club are also trained to B.C.U. standard.
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